Saturday, May 28, 2011

Learn from Sports; why we should?

Mommy Rachel is a mom of two active and smart kids. She always goes with them every time they have a practice on the basketball court. With the amount of time she spends sitting on the gym and watching her lovely kids, she began writing this article.

Why we should learn from Sports? Well, many people consider sports as an entertainment on TV; some of course, is the form of physical development. Experts will say that sport is a tool to enhance oneself in the physical, emotional, social, and even mental aspect of life.

In this blog, I will deal on the last point. The mental aspect of sports is very interesting to me. Since, sports is dominantly involving hands, feet, and the whole body, seeing sports on the other side, which is the brain part will, I believe, makes a lot of sense.

This blog will try to learn something from Sports. We've got many sports events today such as NBA championships, NHL championships, French Tennis Open, and some NASCAR racing, that people are focusing only to the entertainment value of these happenings. But, there are more in to it that we need to get and that could benefit as in building a good character within us.

I’ve got three reasons why we need to learn from Sports. I believe this is very beneficial to those whom we love.

First, this is because Sport is a balance activity. It is not more on the physical side but also on the other sides too, in our case, the mental part. We need to learn something from it and that will make Sports a highly valuable thing to do on earth.

Second, this is because we need to break the danger of being addicted to TV and get nothing out of it. We watch Sports on TV just to have something to do out of our past time. We make Sports entertainment only a form of amusement that we reach a point of making it useless. Sports is not useless, it is something that gives back.

Third, this is because Sports is an exercise, an exercise on the body and on the mind. Not just on the people involved on it directly, but Sports should affect even those who are just watching it. How? By learning something out of it, especially values in life.

YES! You heard me right. This blog will get lessons whether it is from basketball, boxing, or racing. This blog will be like an ordinary NEWS site that discusses about Sports but with a twist. The twist is the lesson we could learn from that event, written below every blog post.

So, enjoy watching Sports with me and getting lessons from it as well. Hope you will enjoy this blog!

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