Saturday, May 28, 2011

Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson Live Stream: UFC 130 Lessons

The Ultimate Fighting Championships show on TV or better known as UFC is very famous in the United States. I believe many moms out there are keeping their kids out of that show. The show really sounds very brutal and as TV ratings is concern, very violent. But, will the story just end that way? And, make this UFC public enemy number one?

Well, I don' think so. I don't even believe that those children who aren't permitted to watch this show haven't really seen it yet. They are all on the internet, on radio, and on TV. Some might have seen it on the magazine; it is all over the place. So, would we continue having the negative attitude about it or go on the brighter side?

Of course, Mixed Martial Arts is a very important sport when it comes to discipline and the mental/physical strengthening. It is not all brutality in there. We need to get some lessons on their fights so that it will benefit us while watching.

Tonight, as the pages unfold for UFC, they will now feature great fights on their chapter 130 show. Two great fighters, Frank Mir and Roy Nelson will be facing each other. Is the question, "Should we watch?" be asked? Or, the question,” What lessons do we have in here?" should be answered?

I think the latter question is very interesting to answer. Here are the lessons that we could get on that fight.

Frank Mir was, for a short time, the top UFC Heavyweight of the pre-Ultimate Fighter period. In just his 9th professional fight, he grabbed the UFC Heavyweight belt by breaking Tim Sylvia's arm in the procedure. A career intimidating motorcycle disaster cost him the title and reserved him sidelined for almost two years. When he came back in 2006 he appeared like he was through, but in 2008 he made a astounding response, defeating both Brock Lesnar, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to assert the Interim UFC Heavyweight title. He mislaid that belt to Lesnar at UFC 100, and has gone 2-1 since then.

Roy Nelson first sprouted to some fame in the now non-operational IFL, where he was the league's opening Heavyweight champion. When IFL stopped its doors in 2008, Nelson was chosen up by EliteXC. He fought on their concluding show, losing to Andrei Arlovski. When EliteXC also close up, Nelson seemed like a good achievement for the UFC, but instead of straight away totaling him to their list, he was signed as part of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights. There, he had beaten Kimbo Slice and Brendan Schaub among others to become the TUF champion. He's made the most of the chance, putting together a 2-1 UFC proof and quickly growing up as the Heavyweight ranks.

The lesson we could learn from this is that these people fighting aren’t monsters. They are ordinary people who have also struggles in life. Now, I don’t want you to feel sorry for them really but I want you to know that these people on the UFC ring are fighting for the sake of sports and self-development. This is their passion, and we should respect that. This is also the way where they could developed their talents and inner being, this one is very important that we should on ourselves too, even the little ones.

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